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Volunteer and Intern with Aranya Agricultural Alternatives

Please click on this link to get details of volunteering opportunities with Aranya. Click on this link to get details of internship opportunities with Aranya.

Aranya Agricultural Alternatives is also very happy to welcome volunteers who are able to make a long term commitment of a minimum of 3 months. Aranya is a busy, active NGO who does not have the resources to host volunteers for shorter terms; as the projects they need help with require training and follow through with implementation. India has plenty of laborers for jobs requiring digging, planting etc. so volunteering for 1 or 2 days or a week is not needed for help with such things. Aranya prefers in that case to involve the villagers in such activities so there is connection and knowledge of the work implemented.

Options for volunteering for 3 or more months are implementing garden programs in local schools, social and environmental data collection for the village permaculture watershed project, administrative assistance (highly valuable help), and social service projects.

We also accept students that are looking for an internship as volunteers.

The Advanced Permaculture Program conducted in partnership with Living Ecology is set up to help Aranya Agricultural Alternatives to create demonstration farms and sites in local villages that teach and spread permaculture techniques throughout rural India. Aranya gets many requests from local farmers for assistance in designing and implementing permaculture on their land. The internship gives permaculture students and practitioners the opportunity to be mentored by an extraordinary Indian permaculture elder in creating an integrated design in rural India. There will also be mentorship in the cross over skills of how to assess the needs of a local community and create a successful aid project in other places in the world. By implementing their design, interns will leave behind a long term self-sustaining gift to a community and gain practical application tools.

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