Sumbai’s Farm Gets a Facelift From Jakob via Living Ecology

Living Ecology’s team chooses to work primarily with widowed farmers in Thatiguda village. 

In India, widows are one of the most marginalized groups of people – the poorest with least support. Jakob, from Denmark, chose to work with Sumbai, the widow […]

Direct Rainwater Recharge of Bore wells by Smaran

While in the Hyderabad area, we visited a brilliant project headed by one of the board of directors of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, named Subash Reddy.  He created a technique to directly recharge bore wells with rain water.  An important task […]

Aranya’s Farm

The Aranya Permaculture Farm Story

This mature food forest is the only one I know of in the permaculture world — a  never irrigated dry land food forest, that can  increase  the ground water   (dry land means that it is not […]

Tribal Permaculture Project

This initiative involved introducing permaculture practices to tribal families in six villages. Methods were identified to complement their traditional farming practices with permaculture practices that could be feasibly implemented without compromising on ecological aspects. In addition, access to solar energy […]