The media plays an important and definitive role in creating awareness, mobilizing public participation and making a positive impact on the population.

To create awareness about our work, we are always enthusiastic about sharing our experience and success stories with the media. We appreciate your interest in our efforts to create sustainable livelihoods in rural areas.

If you would like to get in touch, please write to us at permanent.agriculture [at] gmail [dot] com

Some stories covered by the media in the past:

Heirloom Harvest

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06/05/2017: This Hyderabad-based organisation has helped over 2.5 lakh farmers through permaculture

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15/05/2017: Permaculture for Permanent Solutions:
Panacea for sustainable farming

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07/2017: Aranya Agricultural Alternatives To Host 13th International Permaculture Convergence In India

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03/08/2017: All About Permaculture: Traditional Farming Mixed With Modern Tech to Create a Sustainable System

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Our series of blogs with Down to Earth:

As a lead up to the IPC India 2017, Down To Earth presents a series of blogs on permaculture in India in collaboration with Aranya Agricultural Alternatives.

07/08/2017: Can farming mean a permanent renewal of life?
For the past three decades, the practice of permaculture has found acceptance from not just rural communities in India but also from urbanites who want to connect with nature.
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by Smriti Agarwal

23/08/2017: Can a barren land be turned into a food forest?
Till two years ago, a plot of 38 hectares in Telangana was barren, but soon it will be a venue for an international convention on permaculture.
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by Floriane Duthel

08/09/2017: Growing your own food is the new gold
I wanted to grow healthy food for my family, but got much more in my journey.
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by Manisha Lath Gupta

21/09/2017: Permaculture is growing rapidly in India
A science meant for small scale farmers, permaculture can hugely benefit India as 67% of farmland is owned by marginal farmers
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by Raya Cole

22/09/2017: Can permaculture reverse climate change?
We can begin to reverse climate change by reducing CO2 emissions in our children’s lifetime
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by Maddy Harland

17/10/2017: An urban garden which produces 17kg of fruits and vegetables per day
Not just vegetables, this permaculture urban garden has fruit trees as well.
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by Smriti Agarwal

In depth articles to download:

My ideas about the pre-conditions for
Organic farming to become sustainable
by Narsanna Koppula


Oct-Dec 2016 – World Affairs:
The Aranya Movement
by Sheena Lakshmi KP