1 seed, 1 plant; 1 plant, 1000 seeds; 1000 seeds…….

The most powerful version of Santa Claus by Francesco Petretto

Giving to farmers many variety of seeds which means abundance of food next season.

permaculture seed bank

Mung beans, sorghum, foxter millet, little millet, finger millet, pearl millet, rice, cowpeas, annual and perrenial pigeon pea, all different kind of fruit seeds like passion frui, jack fruit, tendu, jamun…other useful plant seeds like Indigo, soap nuts. Most of which are almost being forgotten by many farmers which go for “cash crops” like soya and cotton, having to buy GMO seeds and all the chemical that they have to be used with, only by ending the following seasons with less and less yield, more and more debts and the death of their soil.

permaculture training seed bank giveaway

Free. He has a very successful organic farm, among many other things he goes around villages distributing seeds for free in order to introduce diversity and organic practices for the people not to forget the abundance nature has provided us with, to make sure those seeds will be planted he asks for the same amount of seeds to be returned next year. I feel lucky to be able to learn from such a guru of organic agriculture.

permaculture seed bank village give away to promote organic seed