Permaculture — a contraction of permanent, and agriculture or culture — is based on three ethics that guide true sustainability by promoting equality:Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share.

It combines these ethics with ecological principles and design strategies to create healthy and productive agricultural and social systems.

Permaculture is particularly relevant to India given the nation’s declining water resources, soil health, biodiversity, and wildlife habitats, as well as associated social issues including increasing farmer debt, the loss of traditional agricultural practices, and the erosion of swaraj (self-rule).


The National Permaculture Convergence is an event where practitioners come together to connect and learn with others working in the rapidly growing field of sustainability.

Given the need to create stronger connections between Permaculture organizations across India, we encourage various groups from the vast country of ours to attend the event.

Towards the end of 2017, Aranya will also be hosting the 13th International Permaculture Convergence. The theme is ‘Towards Healthy Societies’ and will highlight the essential role women play as agents of change.

For more information, please visit   www.ipcindia2017.org

Host’s Note
Dear Friends, my name is Narsanna Koppula, Secretary of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives. As the hosts of the National Permaculture Convergence we look forward to creating an event that provokes thought, inspires action and facilitates change.

Since 1999, Aranya has been empowering farming communities across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh with permaculture practices that create sustainable agricultural livelihoods.

We have facilitated community participation in watershed and irrigation management, supported tribal farmers to establish and maintain perennial orchards, provided technical support for the develop-ment of permaculture farms, run perma-culture courses for youth and farmers, as well as introduced solar power for use in irrigation, cooking and lighting.

For more information on the activities done by Aranya Agricultural Alternatives please visit

CONFERENCEOpen to all, the two day conference will include presentations, workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions, music and art that explore the theme of the Convergence:


  • Permaculture as a social responsibility.
  • Grassroots Permaculture action.
  • Women as agents of change.
  • Revitalising and preserving traditional farming practices..
  • Sustainable water resource management.
CONVERGENCEA chance for PDC holders to connect intensively with the theme and each other. The Convergence is a one day affair with multiple stages and presentations happening simultaneously, where the programme emerges from the contributions of participants. Learn, network, present, organise, celebrate and savour local cuisine!

PDCs & INTRODUCTION TO PERMACULTURE COURSESPermaculture Design Courses, which is the standard international Permaculture curriculum will be conducted in Hyderabad and across India in the lead up to the National Convergence. In addition to this, several Introduction to Permaculture courses will be offered. This will introduce the concept of permaculture to wider base & will act as a stimulant for participants to attend the more detailed PDC.

  1. For more information on the course calendar, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/AranyaAgriculturalAlternatives/events
  2. For more information on the Permaculture Design Courses, please visit: http://permaculturepatashala.com/permaculture-design-course 
  3. For more information on the Introduction To Permaculture courses, please visit: http://permaculturepatashala.com/intro-to-permaculture/
ToursFollowing the Convergence, tours will be conducted to various Permaculture sites.

Farm visitsGain insight into the multiple settings within which Aranya Agricultural Alternatives has been applying Permaculture, including dry-land farms, tribal village projects and government watershed initiatives.

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