Our Projects

Intern Project: Parvatibai’s Farm

Parvatibai’s farm is in an excellent location along a busy village road to be a functional demonstration model to the surrounding area.  The land had once been teak forest.  Stripped of all the trees and planted with a monoculture which is grown with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the topsoil of the land was eroded a[…]

Creating Bio-diversity

Creating Bio-diversity Registers – Year 2015

This project involves bringing together the community and technical experts to document the diverse bio-resources in local habitats, their uses and associated traditional knowledge. This is crucial for conserving the fast-dying knowledge of bio-diversity and also[…]

Intern Project: Girijabai’s Farm

Gilgibai is a widow from the “cotton suicides”.  Last year, her 3 acres lost $250 in failed attempts to grow cotton as a cash crop. Shyam, an intern from France and Sacha, from The Netherlands partnered together to do a permaculture[…]

Direct Rainwater Recharge of Bore wells by Smaran

While in the Hyderabad area, we visited a brilliant project headed by one of the board of directors of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, named Subash Reddy.  He created a technique to directly recharge bore wells with rain water.  An important task in a city where population pressure has created many dry wells, and wells u[…]

Sharing Seed to Promote Diversity

1 seed, 1 plant; 1 plant, 1000 seeds; 1000 seeds…….
The most powerful version of Santa Claus by Francesco Petretto

Giving to farmers many variety of seeds which means abundance of food next season.

Aranya’s Farm

The Aranya Permaculture Farm Story

CSR Projects

AGS-Ikya Lighting Solution
Others – Upcoming

Community Projects

Aranya worked with the community in Jarasangham Mandal of Medak district to survey the status of health, education and hygienic services, and did an integrated planning exercise to develop action plans for addressing critical issues in these areas.

Solar lighting Project

Solar lighting was provided in five villages in Kadam and Khanapur mandals of Adila[…]

System of Rice Intensification

Around 560 farmers were trained and supported to implement SRI.  SRI is an agro-ecological methodology for increasing the productivity of irrigated rice. This methodology significantly reduces seed and water requirement.

System of Rice Intensification (SRI) – 2010/11 to 2013

Natural Ecological Farming

This project focuses on enabling marginal farmers adopt practices that can help them meet their food security needs with limited land, water and other inputs. Prominent models and methods introduced by this project are the Ganga-ma model (using avg. 1000 sq.ft of land), 10 guntha model (1/4th acre) and use of orga[…]

National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC) – since 2007(annual)

Through this event organized annually since 2007, Aranya brings together farmers, women’s groups, schools and other community volunteers to raise awareness about environment conservation especially the importance of biodiversity and climate change adaption and mitigation. The campaign includes tree plantations, field demon[…]

Environmental Projects

List of Projects

National Environment Awareness Campaigns (NEAC)
Natural Ecological Farming (NatEco)

Tribal Permaculture Project

This initiative involved introducing permacu[…]

Tribal Development Fund

This project integrates environmental and social aspects to facilitate sustainable livelihoods for tribal families. It involves creation of orchards (Wadi) on degraded lands, with drou[…]

Support to LI Schemes of Andhra Pradesh State Irrigation Development Corporation

Support to LI Schemes of Andhra Pradesh State Irrigation Development Corporation (APSIDC)-2008

Introduction/Project Description :

Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Livelihoods Improvement- APILIP

A.P Irrigation and Livelihood Improvement Project (APILIP) – 2007 to 2013- JICA

Introduction/Project Description:

I&CAD department Govt of Andhra Pradesh has been implementing Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Livelihoods Improvement Project (APILIP) in 11[…]

Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Project

Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Project (APCBTMP)- 2007 to  2013

Introduction/Project Description :

The Irrigation & Command Area Development Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh[…]

Water users Organisations Capacity Building

Water users Organisations Capacity Building- NSP Left Canal

Social Environment Mangement Frame Work (SEMF) – NSP

Aranya is working as a consultant to the SEMF component of Nagarjuna Sagar Project under APWSIP (a major irrigation project). SEMF serves as a mechanism to inform (irrigation) implementing agencies about the key social and environmental concerns in the project area. It involves preparation of appropriate action plans in cons[…]

Participatory Irrigatory Management

Aranya has been working extensively in the area of creating and […]


Watershed development has the potential of ensuring long-term improvements in soil-water conservation, livelihoods and agricultural productivity. Aranya has been implementing watershed projects since year 2002. Two projects have been completed covering 3,000 hectares and directly b[…]

DWMA VI batch

Watershed development has the potential of ensuring long-term improvements in soil-water conservation, livelihoods and agricultural productivity. Aranya ha[…]


The watershed program was introduced with main objective to increase productivity, ground water levels and bringing waste land into cultivated land. To increase the productivity enhancement and ground water levels, four types of activities are being taken up – 1. Area Treatments 2. Drainage Line treatments, 3. Agriculture En[…]

Aranya Project Overview

Aranya’s projects have had an approach of identifying solutions that address both social and environmental concerns through a healthy synergy between the two. In addition, Aranya has endeavoured to bring to its stakeholders cutting edge knowledge and techniques in natural resource management (esp. water) and ecological far[…]