Aranya’s projects have had an approach of identifying solutions that address both social and environmental concerns through a healthy synergy between the two. In addition, Aranya has endeavoured to bring to its stakeholders cutting edge knowledge and techniques in natural resource management (esp. water) and ecological farming methods. In this entire process, it has championed the cause of community/ farmers’ participation (esp. women) in natural resource management. It has vast experience in participatory irrigation management. Bridging the distances between community institutions and government departments has also been an important element in most projects.

Aranya Permaculture Projects

The four elements described in this diagram are closely connected and their integrated working is what Aranya projects aim to achieve. Though certain projects are listed alongside each of these elements, every project incorporates the other elements too, as required by the project context.



Beneficiary coverage

Fund source

project period

Tribal Development Fund -TDF 12 mndls,1000 acres/tribal hamlets NABARD,APRO 2008-14/15
Tribal Permaculture Project Two Mandals- 30 Families -CISU- Permakuture-Denmark
NATUECO 2 mandals,50 farmers NABARD 2010/11-13
Watersheds DWMA 2 mndls,5 villages,1058 farmers DWMA 2002-08 
WDF 1 dstc,2570  farmers NABARD,APRO 2004-14
IWMP Lakkaram Watershed Urnoor mandal, 9 habitations, 4000+ farmers PANCHAYAT RAJ & RURAL DEVELOPMENT(RD.III)DEPARTMENT 2013-2019
NEAC-climate change  3 mandals,30 villages,5000 farmers Ministry of Envt,forests,GOI Since 2007-2014
Lift Irrigation Schemes by APSIDC  7 mandals,1000 farmers,15 villages APSIDC 2007
Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Livelihoods Improvement-APILIP 2 mndls,2300 farmers I & CAD,Govt of AP(JICA) 2007-13
AP Community Based Tank Management Program-APCBTMP 2 mndls,10tanks,1430 farmers I & CAD,Govt of AP(World Bank) 2007-2014
SRI System of Rice Intensification 3 mandals,560 farmers NABARD 2010/11-13
NSO(Nodal Support Organisation) APCBTMP Project 10 mandals,35 villages I &CAD Govt of AP( World bank) 2011-13
Social Environment Mangement Frame Work(SEMF) – NSP 5 districts,3.7lakh farmers I &CAD Govt of AP( World bank) 2012-17
WUO Capacity building-NSLBC-APWSIP 3 districts-Nalgonda, Khammam and Krishna districts,3 lakh farmers  I&CAD Govt of AP( World bank) 2013-17
SHGs&  MACS, early Permaculture works 17 mndls,5000 farmers self / seed support/close groups 1999-2001
UNICEF,SAMISTI 34 villages,2097 farmers UNICEF,MEDWAN 2007-08