Become a Sponsor

The donation page is for those who would like to give a set amount of money. The sponsor page is for those who wish to pick a particular project and sponsor this to its completion.

Present Sponsorship Need

378 Digging trenches at Parvatiby'sInternship training projects:
Interns from India and abroad are now leading the development of rural farms. Interns need financial help with Airplane travel and Intern fees (which include food, travel within the project area, rent, class fees, and the finances to install a complete permaculture design on a poor rural farm. Some of these farmers make 100-300 US dollars a year, and could never complete a project of this nature themselves. They uplift the welfare of women and children and bring food and nutrition security.

These projects create demonstration Permaculture farms and train interns to design and implement the principles of Permaculture. Sponsors can follow the development of the intern’s rural farm and follow their work from this training in the future.

Permaculture Design Course:
This 72 hour training is the foundation for permaculture learning. Sponsoring a poor farmer to a PDC brings the knowledge of sustainable agriculture into an entire village. Sponsors have the ability to learn about the farmer they sponsor and follow his use of the knowledge.

Permaculture Design Classroom at Hyderabad Farm:
Recently a piece of land close to the city has been purchased for Aranya Agricultural Alternative’s activities and to hold Permaculture classes. A new building needs to be designed and built for classes on this property.

If you wish to be a sponsor, please contact us for details.