2nd National Permaculture Convergence – India


Aranya Agricultural Alternatives welcome’s you all to the largest 2nd annual celebration of Permaculture across the country. We are proud to host 2nd Nation Permaculture Convergence -India at Aranya Permaculture Academy from March 6th to 8th 2020.

The NPC-Indian brings together diversity of people to share their creative approaches for designing living environments, cultural practices economic systems, that drive us towards ecologically sustainability. Let us all come together to have great time for learning, sharing and getting to know each other.

Venue: Aranya Permaculture Academy, Bidakanne Village, Zaheerabad, Telangana

Email: aranyahyd@gmail.com
Phone: (+91) 75697 20601

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One thought on “2nd National Permaculture Convergence – India

  1. Sharing, caring with the core philosophy of maintaining sustainability is a great message in all areas of knowledge.
    By sharing & Caring we replenish each other’s strength, which supports the motto
    Live and Let others Live.
    It has the capacity to bring about Transformation in Society promoting Harmony between Man & Mother Earth.

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