Natural Resources Management

There is abundance in Nature for those who care. Mindless plundering will only lead to a bleak future. Understanding this, at Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, we work towards finding a sustainable, regenerative balance where Nature in its entirety – its soils and their fertility, its water resources, its forests and plant resources is protected and cherished.
Our work involves watershed management programs, vegetation development against land erosion and more. In addition, we strongly believe and work towards conservation of Biodiversity through seed banks.

Permaculture and Sustainable Agriculture

Permaculture is pro-nature and pro-people. At Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, we strive to empower tribal communities with special focus on women and farmers. The goals for our communities include self-governance, self-sustainability and food security. We advocate and promote alternatives and permanent agriculture practices: benefits of tree-based farming, diversified cropping, animal integration and seed saving.
With an eye towards Climate Change Mitigation, we make efforts to teach about efficient usage of technology, ancient know-how and renewable energies to create sustainable communities.

Permaculture Education

Narsanna Koppula has been the torchbearer of Permaculture in India since attending the first Permaculture Design Course in the country (1987) that was taught by Bill Mollison, Robyn Francis and Reny Mia Slay. His focus has been on youth education, farmers training and capacity building. Aranya Agricultural Alternatives hopes to create agents of change amongst both urban and rural sustainability believers and nature defenders creating tools for inspiration and empowerment: awareness campaign, development of Permaculture model farms, exposure visits and Permaculture courses.

Our latest projects

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Our upcoming events

Permaculture Design Course

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