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In Telangana, Experimenting With a Low-Cost Way To Improve Soil Fertility

A disciple of permaculture pioneer Bill Mollison, Narsanna Koppula is using biochar, a certain type of charcoal, to improve soil quality. He hopes it will help the soil retain water and nutrients for a longer time and aid in climate adaptation.

Aranya- Natures heart beat (22 june 2019)

Nature is the sole provider of all human needs. Biggest questions is front of us today is how ethically are we using these resources. Aranya Permaculture Academy is teaching us how can we meet out needs by not exploiting the resources.

Vithanala Panduga may 31 2019

EENAdu Adilabad: Vithanala Panduga (Seed Festival May 30-May 31 Adilabad)

Aranya team displaying native seeds and explaining to district collector and team importance of saving seeds and the power of “Vithanam tho pethanam” at seed festival in Adilabad.

Source: Surya Daily News paper June-14-2017
Source: Andhraprabha June-14-2017

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