Support to LI Schemes of Andhra Pradesh State Irrigation Development Corporation (APSIDC)-2008

Introduction/Project Description :

20140311_175628The Government of Andhra Pradesh is focusing on water use efficiency of irrigation systems and strengthening of Participatory Irrigation Management by improving capacity on different aspects of water management and allied activities. Efficient water management through user’s involvement on a sustainable basis and adaptation of water saving technologies are the main agendas. Go AP proposes a hand holding approach for gradual transfer of management, which is considered efficient in brining perceptible change in large scale irrigation systems. It is proposed to involve resources management and sustainable livelihoods promotion for facilitating this process. In this context, Government has decided that the future management, operation and maintenance of the Lift schemes with an ayacut of less than 10,000 acres be transferred to Farmers organization.

In order to increase sense of ownership, improve the performance and sustainable functioning of respective schemes, APSIDC has decided to take in capacity building and improvement livelihoods of the primary stake holders in the LI schemes through social engineering process with the involvement of NGOs. Accordingly ARANYA Agricultural Alternatives has been selected as one of the Support Organization and was allotted 14 schemes in four mandals.

Project Details :

Location of the project is in the 14 Li scheme regions in Nirmal
Duration of assignment is for 24 months (April 2008 to June 2010)
Total No. of technical staff – 3,months-24
Value of the contract is Rs.5.40 lakhs
The Funding agency is APSIDC
Aranya’s Service:

Institutional Development
Training & Capacity building
Mass communication
De- funct LI schemes
Strengthening of WUAs for sustainability