System of Rice Intensification

Around 560 farmers were trained and supported to implement SRI.  SRI is an agro-ecological methodology for increasing the productivity of irrigated rice. This methodology significantly reduces seed and water requirement.

System of Rice Intensification (SRI) – 2010/11 to 2013

Introduction/Project Description :

NABARD promotes new innovative technologies for betterment of farming community and SRI elaborated as System of rice intensification is one such technology adopted in Paddy crop  as  a result of which the farming community gets benefited with extra income and eco friendly systems. These efforts are being witnessing with effective implementation of SRI by Aranya as a Participatory Implementing Agency( PIA).

Project Details :

  • Location of the project is in command areas in three mandal (Nirmal, Dilwara and Sarangapoor) of Adilabad District.
  • Duration of assignment is crop seasons Rabi 10-11, Kharif 2011 and Rabi 2011-12
  • Total No of technical staff is 2/3,
  • Value of the contract is :17 lakhs
  • The funding agency is : NABARD APRO

Aranya’s service :

ARANYA NGO has been facilitating training and capacity building and institutional development activities for empowering the Water users Associations towards efficient water management practices and crop productivity enhancement activities since last two years.

The Water Users Associations managing committee members will select the farmers for SRI demonstrations in a village. These farmers will be selected in a contiguous in one minor or sub-minor. The following criteria will be followed for selection of SRI farmers.

  • Willingness to adopt Systematic Rice Intensification (SRI) cultivation
  • Willing to allot ¼ acres for demonstration

Implementation steps:

  • Engagement of facilitator services
  • Training on SRI concept
  • Identification of farmers for SRI adoption
  • Orientation on advantages of SRI concept
  • Land preparations
  • Nursery raising
  • Transplantation
  • Hand holding support
  • Providing timely input support
  • Monitoring of the progress

Scope of work: Coverage of 400 farmers’ in 100 acres during the first year in 16 villages, 25 farmers from each village in3 mandals.  Second year in addition to the old farmers, 10 new farmers will come forward from the same village. Each farmer will adopt/demonstrate ¼ acres SRI.

Out comes:

  • Increased water use efficiency
  • Increased crop water productivity
  • Increased paddy yields in 20-30%
  • Increased income average 25%
  • Improvement  in soil fertility