The Permaculture Design Course is an internationally recognized, 13 day resident course resulting in a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC).  Credit for this course is now accepted by a growing number of universities around the world.

The course provides an introduction to Permaculture design as set forth by the movement’s founder, Bill Mollison in 1978. The word ‘Permaculture’ is a contraction of “Permanent Agriculture” and also of “Permanent Culture”. The aim of Permaculture is to create systems that are ecologically sound, economically viable and self sustaining.

The premise of Permaculture is based on observation of natural systems, the wisdom found in traditional farming practices, entwined with modern technological and scientific know-how to create a conscious design and a cultivated ecology. It is a multidisciplinary toolbox that covers agriculture, water harvesting, renewable energy, agroforestry, waste management, animal systems, appropriate technology, economics and community development.


Permaculture offers a solution based approach to conscious design. It alters how one lives their life, their relationship with Mother Earth and all her life-forms. Therefore, this course is for anyone who would like to live an ecologically balanced life and contribute towards a sustainable future.

We encourage participants from all walks of life, professions and countries, as more varied the batch, the richer the take-away. The PDC is a great way to meet and learn from a variety of individuals thus creating a community around people with similar interests. Students who attend PDC usually end up keeping in touch, building strong bonds where they support, encourage and celebrate each other.

The PDC is conducted in English. Translation of tough/vernacular words are tackled with the help of students and the instructors. In case a local expert (farmer, healer) is invited for a session, translators are made available.


The Permaculture Design Course is a detail oriented, enriching course that is a blend of practicals and theory. It will cover the following topics:

1. Introduction to applied Permaculture

2. Pattern understanding and broad site design




Design basics

3. Farm infrastructures and farm home garden

4. Orchards, farm forestry and food crops

5. Animal Integration and systems

6. Community interaction and strategies


Narsanna Koppula is India’s most renowned permaculture practitioner. Trained by Bill Mollison and Robyn Francis in the 1980s, Narsanna has worked tirelessly for the last three decades to bring ecological and sustainable agricultural to thousands of farmers across India.

His permaculture begins with helping farmers develop water catchment systems that allow them to be self-sufficient with their water (Jala Swaraj). He teaches them to diversify their crops and to leave no ground fallow and to develop a self-sufficient farm. This allows for the formation of Mahatma Gandhi’s final goal of a self-sustainable community (Gram Swaraj).

Guest teachers are often invited to share their expertise and experience in specific areas of Permaculture, thus diversifying the learning source. The PDC students are also encouraged to take sessions on subjects (pertinent to Permaculture) that they are confident in.


The course will be conducted in one of the following farms:

Aranya Farm – The ideal learning ground for Permaculture, this 10-acre farm sits near Zaheerabad and has been developed following permaculture principles by Aranya Agricultural Alternatives’ founders to become a functional model. It is an oasis of green and an excellent example of rainfed agriculture in the dry lands. Indigenous perennials keep the farm supplied with tropical fruits 365 days a year. Aranya is the perfect location to learn about Indian Permaculture, water harvesting, plant identification and uses. It is a warm, welcoming, constantly evolving place with one motto: (almost) everything should come from the system and remain as long as possible within the system.

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పర్మాకల్చర్అంటే కేవలం వ్యవసాయానికి సంబందించిన ది మాత్రమే కాదు,

పర్మాకల్చర్అంటే ప్రకృతి సహజమైన పరిష్కారాల తో కూడిన చక్కటి జీవన  విధానం

ఇది అందరు తెలుసుకోవలసిన అవసరం ఉందిMythili Jan 22

“कृषि संबंधी जो व्यवहारिक ज्ञान मुझे 13 दिन में अरण्या फार्म पर रहकर मिला तीन वर्षों तक कृषि संबंधी किताबें पढ़ने से भी नहीं मिल पाया। सर ने मिट्टी और पेड़पौधों से संबधित  कई बारीकियाँ बताई। उन्होंने मेरे अंदर पेड़पौधों के प्रति एक अलग नज़रिये का विकास किया।

मैनें तेरांह दिन के इस सफर में सीखा  कि, हम पर्यावरण के लिए जो भी कर रहे हैं उसमें स्वार्थ नहीं बल्कि सामाजिकता  होनी चाहिेए।सर और उनकी टीम के  साथ कुछ समय बिताने के बाद समय बिताने के बाद अपना जीवन किस दिशा मे  जाना चाहिए इसमें काफी स्पष्टता आई है। “–  Ankit Pathak, Jan 2022

 “The PDC for me was life changing, in the sense that it’s not only about farming or growing food, but a whole perspective and philosophy on living and life itself. The determination, humility and resolve of every one at Aranya is what’s kept a part of my heart with them and words can’t express how grateful I am to have known, learnt and spent time with them.” –  Sanjana December 2021

 “Truthful and transparent come to my mind when I think back on Aranya. Grateful for our instructors and volunteers who patiently constructed this exceptional syllabus with humor and passion. If you are planning to go to Aranya, remember to take note of everything. Be excited and look at things like a child being introduced to the world for the first time. Let the magic unfold.” – Urvi September 2021

 “Aranya’s PDC course plucks you from a drifty, vague city life and places you firmly on Earth, reminding you that you are part of it. This PDC course is one of those experiences that can change the trajectory of people’s lives and perspectives for the better.” – Supriya October 2021

 “For me, it was the highlight of this year. The team at Aranya overflow with knowledge and are so willing to share. They are highly committed to ensure every single person learns and understands concepts. I would recommend this programme to anyone in a heartbeat” –  Richa July 2021

 Living and learning Permaculture at Aranya gives us a glimpse of a future utopia. It shows us in real-time, the symbiotic relationship between People, Nature and the Community and the power it has that makes it worth living for and living with. Be it on our Farms, in our Cities or in our Lives.

I’ve seen,

 “If I could recreate and mimic a sliver of Aranya’s values, beliefs and energy, I think it’s a step towards taking forward Narsanna’s legacy. Thank you once again for all your kindness, hospitality, knowledge and your patience to take us on your journey”. –  Phalgun March 2021

“Despite growing for 3 years on my roof top, I had a lot of gaps in my knowledge which this course was able to bridge. I am more confident about creating abundance via microclimate and managing rain water on my and my friends’s roof tops and balconies.” – Deepa, Sustainability life coach, Delhi

“The content of the course and the way it was presented was definitely a big motivation. The entire experience of learning by doing was very enriching and holistic. I look forward to applying these learnings on my farm.” – Sampada, Content developer and teacher trainer, Pune

“This was a very different but very good course. The practicals were very helpful and unique compared to other permaculture design courses. I will apply this learning first in my backyard and then in my future farm.” – Clare, Student, Australia.

“15 days ago, I felt like a stranger to the soil and land but now there is more than just acquaintanceship, there is love! I am so glad that through this course, I’ve been able to connect and get a deeper understanding of the earth. I wish to start a farm soon.” – Ramya, Strategy Consultant, Hyderabad.

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