A.P Irrigation and Livelihood Improvement Project (APILIP) – 2007 to 2013- JICA:

Introduction/Project Description:

I&CAD department Govt of Andhra Pradesh has been implementing Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Livelihoods Improvement Project (APILIP) in 11 medium and 59 new minor irrigation projects formation in the state, which is supported by Japanese International Cooperative Agency ( JICA). APILIP envisages increasing the agricultural production by constructing and rehabilitation of irrigation facilities, improving water management and agriculture practices, enhancing agricultural income, construction of Minor Irrigation Tanks and formation and capacity building of WUAs. To facilitate these activities at project level ARANYA Agricultural Alternatives(ARANYA) has been selected as a Support Organisation for Swarna medium irrigation project in Adilabad district.

Project Details :

  • Location of the project is the area of Swarna Medium Irrigation Project and 9 new minor irrigation sub projects in Adialbad  district.
  • Duration of assignment is for  52 months (Sept 2009-Feb2012)
  • Total No of technical staff -2; Months – 104
  • Value of the contract is 300000 for operation cost and project cost is 45 lakhs
  • The Funding agency  is I& CAD dept. Govt of AP

Aranya’s Service:

ARANYA has been selected as a support organisation to facilitate strengthening of Water Users Association for institutional development activities training and capacity building activities for efficient water management to increase crop water productivity. ARANYA provided hand holding support to the WUAs to have good convergence with revenue and irrigation department for better water tax collection to take timely implement the Operation & Mainatainence activities

As part of the project

1. Capacity building of WUA’s

Awareness generation through Kalajatha; WUA roles and responsibilities; Water management Sub committees ; Works subcommittee; Finance subcommittee; Monitoring & Evolution subcommittee; Exposure visit to Waghad medium irrigation project  Maharashtra and  KC Canal modernization which is supported by JICA

2. Participatory Action Plan Preparation (PAP) through work book exercise

3. Crop water planning

4. Book keeping & updating records

5. Convergence with Revenue, Irrigation and Agriculture departments

6. WUA facilities:  Support to the Poor

7. Farmer Field School (FFS)

8. Fore shore plantation

9. Conflict resolution & Rapport building


  • Water Users Associations(WUA) offices established and updated records
  • Water tax collection increased from 2 lakhs to 14 lakhs since 2007 to 2010; timely acquirement of  the proceedings
  • Efficient water management practices – on & off system for water regulation
  • WUA and Project Committee officers appointed facilitating the institutionalization procedure, updating of records
  • WUA facilities construction (godown,drying yard) was completed in all WUAs by facilitating land donation and contribution to 20% of the construction cost  by WUA members
  • Good convergence with Revenue and Agriculture departments to increase water tax collection.