Participatory Irrigatory Management

Aranya has been working extensively in the area of creating and strengthening Water Users’ Associations (WUAs) in major, medium and minor irrigation projects.  As a support institution in various government projects, Aranya’s role includes constitution of these community institutions and building capacities of the WUA members in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities. Their role includes regular operation and maintenance of the irrigation systems, increasing water use efficiency, initiatives to enhance crop productivity and to improve livelihoods of the farmers.

Aranya facilitates and trains the WUA members in formation and effective functioning of their sub-committees, preparation of Participatory Action Plans, Crop-water planning, running Farmer Field Schools and most importantly, facilitating convergence between the community institutions and Irrigation, Revenue and Agriculture departments. Ensuring effective participation of women farmers is another important element here.

Various projects have been implemented under this thematic area. They include:

  1. Water Users Organizations’ (WUO) Capacity Building 2013-17
  • Major irrigation project – Nagarjuna Sagar (Left Bank canal)
  • Impacting 3 lac farmers
  1. Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Project 2007-14
  • Minor irrigation tanks
  • Involving more than 1,400 farmers
  1. Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Livelihoods Improvement- APILIP 2007-13
  • Medium and minor irrigation projects
  • Involving 2,300 farmers
  1. Support to LI Schemes of Andhra Pradesh State Irrigation Development Corporation – Year 2007
  • Lift irrigation schemes
  • Involving 1,000 farmers

SEMP (Social and Envtl Management Project)- AP Water Sector Improvement Project of Nagarjunasagar Project