The watershed program was introduced with main objective to increase productivity, ground water levels and bringing waste land into cultivated land. To increase the productivity enhancement and ground water levels, four types of activities are being taken up – 1. Area Treatments 2. Drainage Line treatments, 3. Agriculture Enhancement measures and 4. Livelihood Activities.

Project Details :

  • watersheds1Location of project is Medak district -VI batch DWMA, 5 Watershed projects were Implemented in five villages of Nyalkal Mandal ie Tekur, Nyamatabad, Shamsahallapoor, Rukmapoor and Ramteerdh; WDF watershed project at Yelgoi village in Jarasangam mandal.
  • Duration of assignment is 60 months( June 1999  to April 2003)
  • Total No. of staff months is 180
  • Value of the contract is Rs. 240 lakhs
  • The Funding agency is NABARD

Aranya’s Service:

ARANYA is working since1999 in watershed programmes which include water audit, APRLP  watersheds programmes, APRLP watershed plus programme, NABARD WDF programme, RIDF, ILRI, IPM, and INM, community organization, ground water development etc. It was involved in formation of watershed committees, trainings, implementation of SMC works, monitoring and handholding support.

  • Organised village level awareness meetings (Gramasabhas) and cultural Programmes (Kalajatha)
  • Motivated locals for the effective management of resources in the villages& to  take up watershed activity as their own.
  • Digging of 3 mini percolation tanks worth Rs. 1.4 lakh work under shramdan with local participation
  • Treatment of the the CBP area about 250 ac res with peoples participation.
  • Formation of  users’ group for net planning for execution and implementation of project

Right now ARANYA is facilitating the implementation of people’s action plans. At the same time motivating and executing works that is formation of earthen bunds to check the soil erosion and moisture conservation which are consolidated through bio-mass production plants. Thus a strong people’s institution has evolved to take on this job as their own work.