Intern Project: Girijabai’s Farm

Gilgibai is a widow from the “cotton suicides”. Last year, her 3 acres lost $250 in failed attempts to grow cotton as a cash crop. Shyam, an intern from France and Sacha, from The Netherlands partnered together to do a permaculture project on Gilgibai’s land.

In 2015, she gave a third of her land to see what practicing permaculture could do for her. On her land, 2 long water absorption trenches and a well were dug. The well was placed below the trenches so it will be recharged by the rainwater harvesting earthworks above it, crucial in this dryland agricultural area. Stone bunds were constructed on her eroded gully edges to stop storm water from continuing to wash her topsoil away. When we come back in June, the bunds will be planted with trees, there will be traditional local annual crops planted in between and the area will be surrounded by a live fence.