Solar lighting Project

Solar lighting was provided in five villages in Kadam and Khanapur mandals of Adilabad district, which have no access to electricity. Community solar panels were installed for charging of home lighting devices. And under TPP, solar panels were installed for irrigation purposes too.

Though with improved technology and established science in Andhra Pradesh, 32 villages in Adilbad District, still live in darkness due to the lack of proper power supply. Of these 32 villages, two villages namely Meddechintha and Rampoor are the part of ARANYA project. Therefore, with an intention to light up these villages ARANYA decided to install solar lights. Hence, ARANYA concluded an agreement with The Energy Research Institute (TERI) for the promotion of community solar lamps and as per the agreement, community solar panels have been installed in the these villages.

Orientation meeting:

solar project1To explain the working of solar light, a village level orientation meeting was organized by Aranya &  TERI and demonstrated the solar lamp installation. They were provided with all the details of the solar bulb such the usage and handling of the bulbs. A person from the village has been allotted to manage the community solar centre and for the charging of solar lamp with appropriate training provided. For the maintenance of the solar bulbs, each solar user from the village have to pay Rs.20/- per month  as a contribution towards the solar centre.

Community Solar Centre:

To make it a sustainable and problem free operation, the village community have allotted a room for the establishment of community solar centre.